Job Description

A professional with strong expertise in front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Able to manage the implementation of complex web sites, defining the architecture and development process. Able to work with multiple projects to provide solutions that adhere to the latest standards and best practices. Level 9 is the technical lead level for this role. 5+ years of experience in working with front-end technologies is required.

Key Responsibilities

  • Awareness and Communication
  • Content uploading, gathering and maintenance
  • Domain Management Service
  • Layout Management
  • Web Development

Job Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of proven experience as a web developer working in the implementation of responsive web sites.
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript libraries like jQuery (interaction with DOM elements and add event listeners)
  • Understanding of responsive implementations and how to apply them to elements in web sites.
  • Experience working in agile projects and enterprise projects, project quality following defined guidelines by architects and product owners.
  • HTML (HTML 4.01, XHTML, HTML 5)
  • CSS (CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 Cross-browsing, pixel perfect concept, validation)
  • JS (DOM, Core, JSON, AJAX, Frameworks: jQuery, Node, Backbone, AngularJS)
  • Image Manipulation (Photoshop Layers manipulation)
  • XML/JSON, REST interfaces and  JavaScript
  • Front-End Tools (Chrome Developer Tools Firebug, SVN or Git, FTP, Pixel Perfect Tools for Firefox and Chrome)
  • Web Optimization (CSS and JavaScript)
  • Unit Testing / Quality Assurance / Emails
  • CMS Templating: CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, AEM)
  • Accessibility, Usability, SEO
  • Social Networks (Integration of modules from Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest)
  • Analytics (Integration of Google Analytics and Tag Manager or Adobe Analytics with Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager)

Required Soft Skills

  • Managing Work  (positive influence, clear goals, leading ideas)
  • Assumes responsibility for the accuracy of work processes and flow of tasks
  • Identifies and mitigates risks and enhance performance
  • Communicating Effectively (executive communication with leadership, communication strategy with the team with clear objectives, understands cultural diversity when planning communications, open environment for participation)
  • Creating Business Value (Promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration, positive attitude towards challenging situations, holds discussion with stakeholders, shares best practices, shares last and innovative ideas or trends, promotes innovation, conducts extensive research valuable for clients, paraphrases clients requirements matching them with Accenture offerings)
  • Building & Maintaining Relation (Facilitates discussions to resolve conflict, synthesizes diverse perspectives, guides team members on maintaining relationships with clients and stakeholders, solves basic client/sponsor issues and escalates when required, predicts client/sponsor issues and proactively looks for solutions, raises questions and concerns keeping the team’s objectives in mind, remains calm and focused when under pressure)
  • People Management (provides sense of purpose, delegates, respects learning curve of individuals, gains consensus and commitment from team members on task alignment, promotes critical thinking and analysis, is open-minded, flexible and optimistic towards change, able to control emotions under difficulties)


  • HTML5 Offline Manifest.
  • WebSQL, IndexedDB, WebSockets.
  • WebEvents, WebWorkers.
  • CSS Naming Conventions (BEM).
  • JavaScript Visualization Framework using Canvas, SVG or WebGL (examples: d3.js, Raphael, Kinetic.js, Paper.js, processing.js, three.js, etc.)
  • High knowledge and/or experience in REACT and Ruby on Rails

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