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Technical Quality Coaches have a strong focus on continual service improvement and meeting customer service goals. Coaches function in a variety of consultative roles, including monitoring, mentoring, and training.

Functional Responsibilities:

• Monitor and audit interactions between end-users and IT support
• Review daily agent performance metrics
• Ensure customer service standards are being met
• Maintain thorough client knowledge and scoring procedures to accurately perform quality assessments
• Adhere to audit schedule in a timely manner to achieve target of real time audit results
• Schedule and conduct coaching sessions
• Create and maintain action plans for improvement
• Continuously identify new best practices and provide opportunities to help grow team members through training and coaching
• Make recommendations on optimizing processes
• Collaborate with senior leaders to establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
• Advise on new training opportunities to prioritize new or enhanced training material
• Proactively identify trends using data and feedback to address skill and capability gaps

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