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Technical Trainers prepare and maintain technical training programs that educate people and help develop their technical skills. Technical trainers should have in-depth knowledge and technical capability in their field of expertise. They must be excellent communicators, and they have outstanding organizational and time leadership skills.

Functional Responsibilities:
– Develop and maintain training materials
– Assist with onboarding new Level 2 Technical Support Analysts
– Train team members on new technologies and changes to existing processes
– Collaborate with other support teams to ensure documentation and processes are up to date
– Conduct surveys and evaluate training efficiency and effectiveness
– Schedule training sessions as needed
– Continuously identify new standard processes and provide opportunities to help strengthen team members through training and mentoring
– Make recommendations on optimizing processes
– Advise on new training opportunities to prioritize new or enhanced training material
– Proactively identify trends using data and feedback to address skill and capability gaps


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